In Orange County,there are approximately 3.1 million residents,and just over 2.8 million vehicles that are registered as of 2014. There were 230,853 collisions in the Orange County in 2014,according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles report. To break these statistics down further,there were 3121 fatalities,2878 fatal collisions,and 162,711 collisions that resulted in injuries. The victims of these accidents could get compensation with help from a personal injury law firm .

Some cities in Orange County have a higher rate of auto collisions than others. For example,the northern part of the Orange County will probably have a higher occurrence of accidents due to it being more populated than the southern area of Orange County. However,the cities that have the highest rate of auto collisions are Seal Beach,Laguna Beach,Brea,Fountain Valley and Los Alamitos.

One of the most common causes of auto accidents in Orange County is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Fatal car collisions increased by approximately 551% when drugs and alcohol are involved. Speeding plays a huge role in auto accidents in Orange County,due to the decrease in response time and stopping time. Another common issue in Orange County is texting while driving and distracted driving. Texting while driving should be out of the question altogether and being distracted while driving is also a bad idea. A sue for a car accident can prove this.

You should try to avoid having conversations with other passengers in the vehicle that make you take your eyes off the road. Human error is another factor that is unfortunately unavoidable or inescapable,and it contributes to the probability of accidents. One of the only ways in which to minimize auto accidents in Orange County is to remain alert while driving,and exercise more caution when traveling in bad road or weather conditions.

Orange County car accident reports do not lie. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Orange County,you should contact a Orange County car accident attorney as soon as possible to assist you in filing a lawsuit and receiving compensation for your injuries.

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